Risk Management Overview

Insurance alone is not a solution for reducing risks. That is why, at CAMICO, our commitment to the CPA profession goes beyond just providing CPA insurance options.

Member firms with Professional Liability Insurance have unlimited access to CAMICO's proven approaches that have helped numerous CPAs build thriving firms and avoid damaging claims.

CAMICO’s risk management services and education programs are provided at no additional cost and enable CPAs to stay current on the latest issues and trends impacting the accounting profession. Our experience and claims data indicate that the more familiar CPAs become with risk management techniques, the better equipped they are to avert a liability claim.

Practice Management Tools

To help CPAs better protect themselves against professional liability claims, the practice management tools offered by CAMICO are individual pieces that, when used together, provide CPAs an extensive support system seeking protection from liability.

By incorporating these tools into everyday practice habits, CPAs lessen the odds of being targeted in a lawsuit, while growing and improving their business. CAMICO is actively involved in researching and developing services and products that fit the needs of the profession, always keeping a finger on the pulse of current issues and trends.