Claim Chronicles 121-A

*Previously known as War Stories

Topic: Phishing, Social Engineering Scheme
Services: Auditing

Steve Ryckman, managing partner of Ryckman-Harris & Associates, is alerted one day after receiving a call from a firm employee who asked if he requested to share a file with her (via email) from a file hosting service. Because he hadn't, the firm's IT department advised Ryckman to contact the firm's outsourced IT network vendor to look into the suspicious activity.

Claim Chronicles 121-B

*Previously known as War Stories

Topic: Fraudulent Wire Transfers, Social Engineering Scheme
Services: Bookkeeping and Bill Pay

Worthingham Financial, an established accounting firm, has been providing bookkeeping and bill pay services to consumer finance business Smart Money Express.

CAMICO Reports Gains in Policyholders' Surplus, Written Premium

Details Released in 2021 Operations Report

SAN MATEO, Calif.- CAMICO, the nation's largest CPA-owned and directed program of insurance and risk management for the accounting profession, posted total policyholders' surplus of more than $46 million and gross written premium of more than $65 million for the year ended December 31, 2021.

CAMICO has continued to strengthen its key financial indicators with policyholders' surplus up from $45 million (posted for 2020) and a topline increase in gross written premium in 2021.


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