The Dos and Don'ts of Disengaging

Whether due to the "great resignation," the "great reassessment," or the "baby boomer departure," the CPA profession is experiencing a diminishing workforce while facing "standards overload," handling a variety of relief programs, coping with innumerable IRS issues, and dealing with the constant stress of limited resources and elevated client demands.

What can you do?

Responsibilities to Clients When a CPA Firm Is Merging or Acquired

Arthur J. (Kip) Dellinger, Jr., CPA

It is not news to CPAs and their firms that the profession began undergoing an enormous consolidation a few years ago, which is expected to accelerate over the next several years. This is a result of many factors — retirement planning, monetizing of client values, staggering advances in technology, market share and services expansion, among many other reasons.

Cyber Exposures … the Saga Continues

There appears to be a new cybersecurity story in the news every day, from attacks on major infrastructure to small companies being held for ransom. Therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone that CAMICO is also seeing an uptick in the number of cyber-related claims impacting CPA firms and unfortunately, the severity of these cybercrimes and ransomware attacks have grown in recent years.


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