War Story #116

War Story #116: Business Management/Accounting Services, Wire Transfer Fraud
Sophisticated hackers can cause a lot of trouble, damages, and wasted time if precautions are not taken to avoid their traps.
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Please see the Q&As on social engineering scams and wire transfer fraud in the article, “Top 11 Loss Prevention and Claims Trends” in this issue of IMPACT.

Human Resources Policies and Forms: The Backbone of the Firm

By Emily Franchi

#MeToo, Ban the Box, and the Second Chance Act are just a few of the movements and laws that have changed legislation and required employers to update policies and practices. As federal, state and local governments pass new employment laws and update existing laws each year, firms must comply by reviewing employee handbooks and human resources–related forms as well as processes for onboarding, performance management, and termination.


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